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We find your work fascinating, from the foundation, inspiration and intention to the layers and techniques.
-- Marjorie Adler, 12/29/19

You are getting into fabulous shows and must be well received as the works are so evolved and wonderful for any space.
-- Nance Leikhim, 9/8/17

Just found your card!! Pleasure meeting you at wine event (Toboni). Glad I visited the web site. Your work is inspirational.
-- Susan Pellegrini, 1/16/17

Enjoyed seeing your studio and work during the 2013 Artour and am enjoying my yellow "Cheshire cat" print. Your new work is incredible. Nance
-- Nance Leikhim, 8/5/13

hi matt dodge images! it's good to see so much of your work all in one place.
-- Bettina Riccio, 6/8/13